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Your Windows 10 system usually keeps System Restore points automatically to allow you to go back to the time when things were running smooth, before the error started to show. Check the available space in your Windows 10 drive. If there is not enough free space in the Windows drive, consider uninstalling softwares to free up space or increasing the allocated space in that drive. Another common PC problem is when apps and programs start acting strangely. Perhaps they suddenly close down without warning, or maybe documents look a bit strange in Word. In the Task Manager, you’ll see the name of the app followed by the publisher, its status and the start-up impact. If it says “High” in the ‘Start-up impact’ column, then that means the program is slowing down Windows 10’s boot-up speed.

  • These will run similar to how iOS apps run on macOS, with apps such as TikTok and Instagram running in a window.
  • On most Windows computers, you can access the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, then clicking the Startup tab.
  • The main highlight of the whole upgrade process is that all your files will be safe and right where you left them.
  • MiniTool Software not only helps you solve computer issues but also provides useful computer software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard, etc.
  • Check that your device is connected to the internet.You can perform a speed test to learn more about your connection.
  • Some applications that you may never use can take up large disk space on C drive.

Thankfully, you can choose to hide some or all of the Settings pages within the app, and what can’t be seen can’t be controlled. That’s all the information about how to disable access to Windows 11’s Settings app and Control Panel. The ways to disable Control Panel and Settings in Windows 11 for non-administrators are simple and there are two options for you – via Registry Editor and Local Group Policy Editor. Over the past few years, many options of Control Panel in Windows 10 are copied to its Settings app by Microsoft.

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If you disable the Control Panel then you can not access the Control Panel. Windows 8 implements high security to protect standard and guest users from gaining access to the system utilities and changing default settings.

Below you’ll find the list of all the settings names on Control Panel included with the Windows 10 Creators Update. It should also be noted that the list may be slightly different depending on the version of Windows you’re using, as Microsoft continues to migrate Control Panel settings to the Settings app. Once you completed the steps, repeat steps No. 9, 10, and 11 to list all the items you don’t want users to see in the Control Panel. Here, you will find the “Reset This PC” option. Click the “Reset PC” button to start the process and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure. To disable non-Microsoft services that aren’t needed for your PC to function, use the “Windows +R” keyboard shortcut to open the Run window. Here, type “msconfig” in the text field and click on OK to launch the system configuration utility.

Not only that, mmdevapi.dll download windows 11 recently, Windows added sandboxing ability to the defender making it the first one to do so. Sandboxing, in simple words, doesn’t let malware spread to other applications if it has captured one major application, as in this case – Windows Defender. If the real-time protection is on, click on ‘Tool’ located on the ‘Menu Bar’ on top of the window. Next Level Technologies was founded to provide a better alternative to traditional computer repair and ‘break/fix’ services.

Check for unresponsive apps

I want to secure a common PC with a live production display on it. Of course, things might be different for you, depending on where you live and work. Another key setting here is battery or power settings, where you can manage Hibernate and Sleep settings.

Double-click the newly created Nolockscreen DWORD and set its value to 1. The Group Policy Editor is an essential Windows Administration Tool that facilitates a working environment for User Accounts. Administrators can configure and/or modify Startup Programs, Network Options, Password Requirements, and other fundamental settings with this tool. If keystrokes are way too much for you to handle, you can make an icon that will lock your screen. Right-click on the Windows folder and select Key under New. Some people have a nasty habit of snooping in other people’s personal lives. It can also conserve energy, especially useful when the laptop is drawing power from the battery.

You can send me a message on LinkedIn or email to for further inquiry regarding stuffs that I wrote or opportunity to collaborate in a project. To reveal the Settings pages, change the Settings Page Visibility setting back to Not Configured.

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